Personalizing Flyers/Brochures/Letters

Lynn Henley

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What's the best way to personalize the broker flyers/brochures/letters, etc? On the website, they are in PDF format, and not set up for easy customization.


Jonathan Lail

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You have to create your personalize information on your own word processor. Align the information on the page to print where you want it on the flyer and run your flyers through the printer a second time to print your personalized info. You will notice that the brochures are 3-fold with a page left empty. Design your own personalized info page to print on that part of the paper and run through printer a second time. I had a Printer print my brochures and it worked just fine.

Robert McMahon

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There are basically two ways. Run the flyers and brochures off and make certain they are dry. Use a program like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher and create your contact info in the middle of a landscape format page. Run the "outside" of the brochure a second time through your printer so your contact info appears in the middle panel on the outside. That panel is purposely left blank for this function. Make sure you run a sample on regular paper and match it up to a brochure to make sure it is printing in the right area.

The second way is to just get some Avery clear labels and apply them to the brochures and flyers.
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Donna Selinsky

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I would like to order some flyers/brochures from your Admin office, as I don't have the facilities to print my own. Is this possible?
Thank you.